Lana Properties

12 Cornhill Terrace #7

Rochester NY 14608



Management Fees: 8%-10% of collected rents ($75 minimum)
Rental Fees: $250.00 after the unit is rented

​* All prospective renters are thoroughly screened for prior evictions, criminal arrests, employment and past rental history

  • Services Included:

  • Collection of all rents and late fees
  • Rental of all vacant units *
  • Fielding of all tenant calls
  • Making arrangements for any repairs needed
  • Meet with building inspectors, assessors, insurance adjusters at the property
  • Provide owners with monthly computerized reports on all income and expenses incurred on the property
  • Provide owners with a yearly spreadsheets for tax purposes
  • Reconciliation of tenant security deposits with an itemized inspection list
  • 24 hour maintenance hotline for emergencies
  • Filing of all paperwork needed for evictions and a follow-through with the authorities

What We Offer